BS 4800 Colour Chart

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the colours shown on this page offer only an approximation of their actual real-life counterparts.
We can't be held responsible for any mis-match as the accuracy of each computer screen our users view our website with will vary.

00A01 Ash Grey

00A05 Goose Grey

00A09 Flint Grey

00A13 Storm Grey

02C33 Lupin Pink

02C37 Clover Pink

02C39 Victoria Plum

02C40 Deep Plum

04B15 Pastel Pink

04B17 Dusky Pink

04B21 sable

04C33 Orchid Pink

04C37 Autumn Brown

04C39 Brick Red

04D44 Misty Red

04D45 Dark Cherry

04E49 Rose Pink

04E51 Salmon Red

04E53 Poppy

06C33 Peach

06C37 Leather Brown

06C39 Saddle Brown

06D43 Mid Tan

06D45 Teak

06E50 Mellow Apricot

06E51 Mandarin Orange

06E56 Maori Brown

08B15 Magnolia

08B17 Honey Beige

08B21 Antelope

08B25 Beaver Brown

08B29 Bitter Chocolate

08C31 Honeysuckle Cream

08C35 Fudge

08C37 Caramel

08C39 Coffee

08E51 Golden Yellow

10A03 Dawn Grey

10A07 Nimbus Grey

10A11 Charcoal Grey

10B15 Creamy White

10B17 Oatmeal

10B21 Lizard Grey

10B25 Turtle Green

10B29 Vandyke Brown

10C31 Ivory

10C33 Vanilla

10C35 Wheat

10C39 Dark Olive

10D43 Golden Maize

10D45 French Mustard

10E49 Pale Primrose

10E50 Light Grapefruit

10E53 Sunflower Yellow

12B15 Sea Foam

12B17 Green Mist

12B21 Mineral Green

12B25 Spruce Green

12B29 Midnight Green

12C33 Green haze

12C39 Ivy Green

12D43 Greengage

12D45 Dark Laurel

12E51 Pale Lime

12E53 Linden Green

14C31 Glacial Green

14C35 Iceplant Green

14C39 Holly Green

14C40 Moss Green

14E51 Bright Green

14E53 Irish Green

16C33 Duck Egg Blue

16C37 Reef Green

16D45 Dark Jade

16E53 Aquamarine

18B17 Blue Mink

18B21 Squirrel Grey

18B25 Dark Admiralty Grey

18B29 Raven

18C31 Ice Blue

18C35 Corvette Blue

18C39 Fathom Blue

18D43 Dresden Blue

18E49 Crystal Blue

18E50 Ribbon Blue

18E51 Delphinium Blue

18E53 Tartan Blue

20C33 Porcelain Blue

20C37 Larkspur Blue

20C40 Duchess Blue

20D45 Sapphire Blue

20E51 Cornflower Blue

22B15 Pearl Grey

22B17 Pale Lavender

22C37 Purple Heather

22D45 Deep Purple


24C33 Pale Lilac

24C39 Regal Violet