On the VALUE of Appearances




Some KEY arguments for the CASA solutions and the "Professional" appearance of our Electronic Enclosures:


1) People RESPECT and care for things that look "Professional" even if they are out of their contextual environment (computer systems, industrial electronic and communications equipments are strategically valuable business tools - they are often fragile - they deserve respect).


2) People EXPECT "things" to have a LOOK appropriate to the Industry or Professions from which they derive (even relatively ignorant people have respect and expectations concerning presentable/visual qualities and standards).


3) The potential VALUE of this "Respect" is LARGE compared to the un-budgeted consequences of a crude, untidy or inappropriate appearance of cost driven enclosure solutions.


4) THINGS often "take-on" the affectations of the dominant environment, or, they may "take-on" affectations of the "precious" object that gets appropriate visual attention.


CASA Modular Systems – fundamental philosophy:


C = Compatibility

A = Adaptability

S = Simplicity

A = Acceptability


Industrial ART (design) should perform a satisfying aesthetic enhancement of the underlying technology and add to the total value and acceptability of the product.


Friday, July 21, 2000                 Ó CASA Modular Systems