Henry Radio Amplifiers
Transmitting vacuum Tubes at discount from Radiodan W7RF

High Power tubes

We have had good performance from Eimac, 
 and Greenstone tubes

E =Eimac, G = Greenstone

Prices subject to change

3-500G G $160
8877 (3CX1500) E $995
8877 (3CX1500) G $595
3CX1200A7 E $895
3CX1200D7 E $895
3CX1200Z7 E $925
3CX3000A7 E $1095
3CX3000A7 G $795
3CX800A7 E $545
3CPX800A7 E $675
8938 E $1650

4CX250B EIMAC NEW old stock 9606 date code $135 (new in box) (one in stock)
2C39A NEW old stock, EIMAC, $50 each (only TWO in-stock)

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New warranty:
Eimac 1 year
Greenstone 2 years


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